Binh Phu Pharmaceutical with the motto: 

Happiness to be shared” always brings real values, because of the mission of improving community health throughout the business process.

History of development

1. Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is a solid foundation for Enterprises and an indispensable root. What makes corporate culture unique!

The CEO acknowledged the efforts , enthusiasm and consensus of the whole system to get results throughout the period of development. In recent years, however, there are still many difficulties and challenges left uncompleted that need to be overcome. (Need to honor individuals with excellent and typical completion).


With the orientation of ” Multi-channel development – N times growth “, 2022 has marked many important milestones for Binh Phu when reaching out to the market, MT, GT, shop, E-commerce, import and export (need to deploy retail showrooms of precious pharmaceutical products, traditional products of the company later, ect.) along with the strong development of the traditional OTC channel. This is a step to improve competitiveness and flexibly adapt to market changes.


Analysis of the “vision-strategy” of Binh Phu Pharmaceutical in the coming time helps employees to see more clearly the path Binh Phu has been taking – An open, bright and very humane path. Since then, the CEO wants the company’s mission to be associated with the life mission of each employee, so that Binh Phu is truly their second home. That is the foundation that creates the happiness index of employees as well as customers’ satisfaction.

 “The road to Binh Phu Pharmaceutical” helps the whole system to experience all kinds of emotions about the job, the company, about the career choice, the way forward. (From musical performances, fun and intellectual minigames… to the lucky draw program that ended a Gala night full of emotions, the cohesion of the whole system and impressive. Persevere with the strategic direction of “Multi-channel development)

The journey of “accompanying and sharing responsibility”

Organizing a volunteer program so that the whole system can join, feel and share the responsibility,  giving is forever. This is also a great motivation for Binh Phu Pharmaceutical to continue affirming its brand value, contributing to business development according to recognized cultural standards, which are: Business leadership for sustainable development ; Building and implementing corporate culture; Strictly abiding by the laws; Business ethic; Social responsibility . Thereby improving the competitive capabilities of the company in the current international competition and economic integration.


“Breakthrough growth”, Binh Phu Pharmacists, are we ready for the year 2023 to make our mark together to a new height?

2. Business philosophy

Business is to bring real value, real results, real benefits to the Enterprise, to employees, to customers and to contribute to the society.

3. Vision

Becoming a pharmaceutical company with the national brand name of products derived from the quintessence of traditional medicine, from natural herbs and herbs of Vietnam.

4. Mission

Binh Phu Pharma always accompanies and is highly determined to build the values ​​​​of traditional medicine combined with modern medicine to create product lines that bring high efficiency, safety and convenience to consumers and for the community. 

We always aim at the Real Value brought from the product lines, from the quintessence of traditional medicine, natural herbs, from friendly and environmentally friendly Vietnamese herbs that is also the pride of Binh Phu Pharma. This is also the unique business culture of Binh Phu Pharma and also wishes to spread this culture to the Vietnamese community and the world.